We were told everything was going to be different after COVID. The new FF/FG government would be a government of “change”. Who do they think they are kidding?

The political/ business establishment are now beginning to show their real intentions. Business leaders are now dominating the media demanding a reduction in social/physical distancing from two to one metre. NPHET says 2 metres is less riskier than one metre distance and at this point of the phased opening they recommend to keep that 2 metres. I believe we have to be directed by that science at this part of the phasing. Employers should not be allowed push the agenda.

The emergency COVID payment of €350 a week is also under a co-ordinated attack. This follows the news that 1 in every 3 people on the payment, 200,000 workers, are actually better off than when they were working.

Rather than attacking the scandal of widespread low pay, people like FF TD Anne Rabbite, are attacking those on €350 a week! This is the preparation for first reducing and then ending the payment. But, potentially, forcing low paid workers back into the workplace and at the same time not having enough HSA inspectors to ensure workplaces are safe for both workers and customers, is unacceptable.

If the talks between FF/G, Greens, right wing Independents succeed we shouldn’t be in doubt that it will be a government of the Right and despite their phoney promises of no austerity, the usual suspects will end up paying the Bill for the crises, as happened in the crash 10 years ago.

Be prepared. If you are not in a Union, join one, now!

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