When the fiscal crash hit Ireland in 2008 working families, their communities and unions were shocked into near silence as years of mismanagement and pandering to vested interests brought the nation to its knees. Before the shock had receded billions of Euro in private banking and speculators debts had been nationalised. Moreover a decade of austerity was unleashed heralding a massive wealth transfer upward and consistent damage to our crucial public services, including our health service.

In this paper Unite The Union sets out the case for a society that will work for us all, for poor and rich, regardless of any other factor. It is a vision for a collaborative society of ‘togetherness’, hope, and real fair and needed change. The measures outlined are fiscally sound and politically necessary if we are to do anything other than allow a regressive neoliberal ideology use this emergency to further increase inequality, poverty, homelessness, insecurity and unfairness. Surely we aren’t going to allow that to happen again?

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  • Posted April 24, 2020 21:42
    by Philip Curley

    Stand together. Stand strong.
    If you always vote,great.
    If you have never voted,start.
    If you don’t vote ,you have no voice.

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