This is a disregard of democracy! Three years ago, a Bill passed Second Stage without opposition. That Bill was the Thirty-fifth Amendment of the Constitution (Water in Public Ownership) (No. 2) Bill 2016. Fine Gael are attemping to stop my bill seeing the light of day.

The Minister has dillydallied and said he would bring forward amendments. In July he said he would have the wording of amendments ready in autumn of this year. We are still waiting!

We are facing an election in about 40 days and we have still not received the Minister’s amendments. The unions of the Right2WaterIreland movement are concerned about this, along with other organisations and the people themselves.

I do not have confidence that minister Eoghan Murphy will implement the will of the people. On paper, everybody in this Dáil agrees with keeping water in public ownership. If the Minister does not agree with it, he should bring the Bill into the Dáil, argue against it and let people know what his position is.

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