– 760,000 people are living below the poverty line
– 110,000 people living below the poverty are in work
– Just under a half of one-parent families suffer deprivation
– One in 11 working lone parents were living below the poverty line in 2012 and, in 2017, it was one in five
– 25% of those living below the poverty line do not have a medical card
– 10,305 people are homeless, including 3,821 children, but everyone knows the figure is much higher
– 72,000 households are on the list for public housing but such housing does not exist
– One in five renters spend 40% of their income on rent
– 194,000 additional people are on outpatient appointment waiting lists compared to 2015, which is an increase of more 50%, in a health service that does not work
– The numbers waiting more than 18 months for treatment has risen by 715%. These are record levels

Fine Gael, has been in a leading role in government for eight years and it seems it is prepared to accept this poverty, low wages, a housing shortage, rack-renting and a shambles of a health service as some sort of new norm for Irish society!

Behind each of these statistics is a person, a child, a family and communities in deprived areas. These figures are truly shocking and a real indictment on our society.

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