The Minister for education has said he knows what the issues are. I quote from a report on his visit:

Denise Somers, who has just completed her first year in Abu Dhabi, is the type of person McHugh is hoping to convince to return home. She graduated in 2016 and moved for job security after struggling to make ends meet in Ireland, where she did insecure short-term cover work.

Ms Somers is quoted as saying she worked as a substitute in Ireland and that now she is getting full-time work over there. She earns nearly one third more than what she would be paid here. Her job is permanent and her housing and medical insurance are paid for. Coming back to Ireland, where she would be put at the bottom of the queue and possibly on substitute panels, is not an option for her.

The same report describes a couple who went to Abu Dhabi and came home to try to work here. They decided that it would not work out because they could not afford to live here. They went back to Abu Dhabi to save money for a house.

The Government must ensure there is housing available, decent pay and permanent work of a standard that these teachers will want to come home as otherwise they will not.

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