83% of carers do not have access to appropriate respite. That is absolutely outrageous!

In the last decade there has been a 70% increase in the number of carers diagnosed with depression; a 24 percent increase in carers reporting poor health; a 30 percent increase in those experiencing anxiety and a 65 percent increase in the number of carers who have no access to respite.

It is a crisis that is worsening daily. For example, 6,300 families have been approved for home care assistance but are not going to get it. Funding has been frozen.

The hypocrisy of the Government is astonishing and dishonest. Once again the Government’s amendment includes weasel words about a commitment to Sláintecare when in fact Sláintecare, as a programme of serious reform to our healthcare system which is not fit for purpose, has effectively been shelved.

A key point made in the Sláintecare report is that a piecemeal approach to implementation – a bit here and a bit there – would undermine the whole project. Without Sláintecare being implemented as intended, there will be no abatement of the health crisis.

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