The National Minimum Wage (Protection of Employee Tips) Bill 2017, passed by 75 votes for to 41 against. However, Fine Gael and their government Independents are way out of step with this Bill. Hospitality workers need legislation ASAP.

Every bill that processes through committee stage must be cleared with a positive ‘money message’. The government are the only group that can clear a money message. The Minister for employment and Social Protection stated on Tuesday during the debate that she would not clear the bill with a positive ‘money message’ so she intends killing the Bill dead.

Instead Regina Doherty stated she would bring a Bill through to ensure tips cannot be used to part pay wages and that will seek the industry to be transparent as too where the service charge goes. Workers and customers want the tips to go to the server and not at all to management.
Regina Doherty is thwarting a bill that ensures tips goes to the server. 

Passing this Bill is a signal to some of the most exploited members of the workforce that they are not alone and powerless. Hopefully, it would encourage them to join a union and get organised.

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