A number of months ago I spoke in the Dail about the need to ban zero hour contracts, and the lenghty campaign to intriduce new legislation. I’m glad to say new laws cracking down on zero-hour contracts and precarious employment come into effect today.

We have to put this legislation into perspective, workers in the retail, hospitality and many more sectors needed this legislation enacted as quickly as possible.

It is a great day for unions and the workers they represent. I wish them well. I hope they continue their fight in the tradition of their union for their members.

‘It is being introduced in response to the increased casualisation of work – and strengthen regulations for so-called ‘precarious employment’ where workers fill permanent job needs but are denied permanent staff rights.

Among the measures it includes: restrictions on zero-hours contracts, anti-penalty provisions for workers who invoke their rights, and core-terms of employment to be supplied to employees within five days of starting work.’ – http://bit.ly/BanZeroHourContracts